OUTSPOKEN Therapy Services, Inc. focuses on serving the pediatric population (3-12 years of age). According to the American Speech Hearing and Language Association (ASHA) one in seven Americans has a speech, language or swallowing disorder.

photo1Activities many of us take for granted such as speaking on the phone, speaking up in class, and understanding
instructions all require speech and language skills.

Speech and language disorders, if untreated can lead to poor academic, social, and career performance.

Early detection and treatment of speech and language disorders is critical.  Therefore, the practice focuses on identifying and treating speech and language disorders at an early age.

By helping young children communicate effectively, OUTSPOKEN Therapy Services, Inc. helps them take the steps towards success in school and life.

Private therapy sessions are offered at our facility in Riverdale, GA.

Virtual therapy sessions are offered to conveniently service the needs of clients throughout the state of GA.

In celebration of May being Better Speech and Hearing Month, Outspoken Therapy Services, Inc. hosts play based therapy parties for all of the students at each of our affiliated preschool centers.

Upon completion of Outspoken Therapy Services’ program, each child graduates a winner. We provide a graduation speech diploma, prize, and balloons to celebrate each clients successful mastery of speech goals. From the first day entering Outspoken’s program, until the last day- your child will feel like a Speech Winner!!!!!!